extassociation ExecutableFile property
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Applies to
acExtAssociation component.  

property ExecutableFile: String;  

The ExecutableFile property determines the location of executable file, associated with the file extension specified in the EXTENSION property.  
For example, when user starts any non-executable file with pre-installed file extension, the executable file, associated with that file extension will be started to process the file. For example, when user clicks the BMP icon, the shell will automatically start the "Paint" program, to allow user to modify the picture.  
tip As a rule, the executable file associated with the file extension must be started with some command line parameters. These parameters informs the executable about the file that need to be processed. See ParamString property for more details.  
iiinfo If you would like to change this property and point another executable, or point an EXE for new file extension, make sure that AccessMode property is amReadWrite (write permission).  

See also
ParamString property and example of usage.