edit ShowHint property
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Applies to
acEdit, acNumberEdit, acIPEdit, acLabeledComboBox, acMRUComboBox and acImagesComboBox components as subproperty of AttachedLabel structure.  

property ShowHint: Boolean;  

The ShowHint property determines whether the label attached to control displays a Help Hint when the mouse pointer rests momentarily on the label.  
The Help Hint is the value of the Hint property, which is displayed in a box just beneath the control. Use ShowHint to determine whether a Help Hint appears for the control.  
To enable Help Hint for a particular control, the application ShowHint property must be true and either the control's own ShowHint property must be true, or the control's ParentShowHint property must be true and its parent's ShowHint property must be true.  
For example, imagine a check box within a group box. If the ShowHint property of the group box is true and the ParentShowHint property of the check box is true, but the ShowHint property of the check box is false, the check box still displays its Help Hint.  
Changing the ShowHint value automatically sets the ParentShowHint property to false.  

See also
Hint and ParentShowHint properties.