connectionlist OnHostnameRetrieved event
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Applies to
acHostnameResolver and acConnectionList components.  

  TacHostnameRetrievedEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; const IPStr, Hostname: Stringof object;  
property OnHostnameRetrieved: TacHostnameRetrievedEvent;  

The OnHostnameRetrieved event occurs when component has retrieved some IP address from the list (queue) specified in IPList property.  
The event passes to its handler following parameters:  
IPStrthe original IP address which has been specified in IPList property, but already remoted from that queue because the host name was retrieved.  
Hostnamethe name of machine retrieved by IP address after lookup.  

tip If you are use cache (CacheSize > 0), the retrieved hostname will be put to the cache, so next time when you will resolve it, the process will be much quicker. Also you can use ResolveCachedIP function to get it very quickly.  

See also
AutoResolve and IPList properties;  
Execute, Abort and ResolveCachedIP methods;  
OnHostnameRetrieved event.