connectionlist IsOnline property
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Applies to
acConnectionList and acHostnameResolver components.  

property IsOnline: Boolean; // read-only!  

The IsOnline is the read-only property which determines current online status of machine. It returns True if computer connected to Internet or False otherwise.  
iiinfo The component is able to constantly monitor the connection and notify the application when computer goes online or offline in OnOnlineStatusChanged event. The status monitoring performed between time intervals, specified in MonitorInterval property, if MonitorActive is True. To disable monitoring, set MonitorActive property to False.  

iiwarning This property is useless on machines with Ethernet cable connection. IsOnline always returns True (online), even if user cut cable off. Unfortunately there is no convinient way to determinate whether computer is online. However, for sure you may try to ping some host or something. This property mostly good for Dial-up modem connections only.  

See also
IsOnline, MonitorActive and MonitorInterval properties;  
OnOnlineStatusChanged event.