connectionlist ConnectionList property
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Applies to
acConnectionList component.  

  TacConnections = class(TacObjectList)  
    function FindConnectionByLocalPort(LocalPort: Word; Proto: TacConnectionProto = pAny; ListeningPortOnly: Boolean = False): TacConnection;  
    function FindConnectionByRemotePort(RemotePort: Word; Proto: TacConnectionProto = pAny): TacConnection;  
    function FindConnectionByLocalIPStr(const LocalIPStr: String; Proto: TacConnectionProto = pAny; ListeningPortOnly: Boolean = False): TacConnection;  
    function FindConnectionByRemoteIPStr(const RemoteIPStr: String; Proto: TacConnectionProto = pAny): TacConnection;  
    function FindLocalIPStrByLocalPort(LocalPort: Word; Proto: TacConnectionProto = pAny): String;  
    function FindLocalIPStrByRemotePort(RemotePort: Word; Proto: TacConnectionProto = pAny): String;  
    function FindRemoteIPStrByLocalPort(LocalPort: Word; Proto: TacConnectionProto = pAny): String;  
    function FindRemoteIPStrByRemotePort(RemotePort: Word; Proto: TacConnectionProto = pAny): String;  
    function IsPortListening(Port: Word; Proto: TacConnectionProto = pAny): Boolean;  
    property Items[Index: Integer]: TacConnection;  
property ConnectionList: TacConnections;  

The ConnectionList is the internal list which contains the information about each TCP/UDP connection.  
tip The ConnectionList is descendant of TList object, and contains only TacConnection objects.  
iiwarning The component does not refreshes this list automatically. To refresh this list — use Refresh method.  

See also
TacConnection object;  
Refresh method.