connectionlist CacheSize property
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Applies to
acConnectionList and acHostnameResolver components.  

property CacheSize: Integer;  

The CacheSize property specifies the maximum number of IPs and resolved hostnames which can contain the internal cache of acHostnameResolver component.  
The internal cache is the special list with IPs and Hostnames which are already retrieved. The component use this cache to avoid double resolving of hostname by particular IP address.  
If you don't want to use cache, just set this property to 0.  
iiinfo The cached list can be automatically saved in registry for further use after application restarts. If you wish to store cache in the registry — just set RegistrySaver.Enabled property to True and specify the registry key which should hold records in RegistrySaver.RegKey property.  
tip The component contains special method which helps to resolve cached IPs without executing the lookup thread. Use ResolveCachedIP to get the hostname by specified IP address.  

See also
RegistrySaver structure;  
ResolveCachedIP method.