combodatepicker Labels property
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Applies to
acComboDatePicker component.  

  TacComboDatePickerLabelsPosition = (dlpBelow, dlpAbove);    
  TacComboDatePickerLabels = class  
    property StrDayString;  
    property StrMonthString;  
    property StrYearString;  
    property Spacing: Integer default 1;  
    property Position: TacComboDatePickerLabelsPosition default dlpBelow;  
    property Visible: Boolean default True;  
property Labels: TacComboDatePickerLabels;  

The Labels structure specifies the properties for the labels, "attached" to the selection combo-boxes.  
Visible property controls whether the labels are visible or not, Position — specifies the placement of attached labels (below or above), Spacing — specifies the space in pixels between the combo-box and the labels.  
StrDay, StrMonth and StrYear properties specifies the text for lables. You can change these values if you need to translate the text to another language.  

See also
SpacingBetweenCombos, WidthDayMonthBoxes and WidthYearBox properties.