combodatepicker DateFormat property
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Applies to
acComboDatePicker component.  

  TacComboDatePickerFormat = (dpfAuto, dpfDMY, dpfMDY, dpfYMD);  
property DateFormat: TacComboDatePickerFormat;  

The DateFormat property specifies the order of the selection combo-boxes.  
dpfAutothe order will be chosen automatically, accordingly to user's regional settings, specified in the Control Panel.  
dpfDMYEuropean format: the day box is first, month — second (from left to right), year — third.  
dpfMDYUS format: the month box is first, day — second, year — third.  
dpfYMDChinese format: the year box is first, month — second, day — third.  
tip You can also localize the text in "attached" labels, specifying it to StrDay, StrMonth and StrYear properties of Labels structure.  

See also
Labels, Day, Month, Year and Date properties.