clipboard ClipboardFiles property
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property ClipboardFiles: TStrings;  

The ClipboardFiles property used to retrieve or put the file name or list of files/folders which can be copied by user from Windows Explorer and ready to be pasted somewhere.  
You can read or modify the ClipboardFiles as usual string list (even at design-time) and the clipboard will imediately reflect all changes (also triggering OnChange event, if Active property is True).  

iiinfo The file list is standard clipboard format registered by 'HDROP' name, and have CF_HDROP format index. The Windows shell uses this clipboard format when copying the files from one location to another, using content menu of folder or drag and drop method.  

See also
Active, AvailableFormats, ClipboardBitmap and ClipboardText properties;  
HasFormat, Clear, GetString and PutString methods;  
OnChange event.