clipboard ClipboardBitmap property
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property ClipboardBitmap: TBitmap;  

The ClipboardBitmap property used to retrieve or put the bitmap image to the clipboard.  
You can read or modify the ClipboardBitmap as usual TBitmap object (you can even paint by canvas of ClipboardBitmap at run-time, or load image at design-time) and the clipboard will imediately reflect all changes (also triggering OnChange event, if Active property is True).  

iiinfo The bitmap images have standard clipboard format, registered by 'BITMAP' name, and have CF_BITMAP format index, plus have the palette, usually stored to clipboard together with image. The bitmap palette is also standard format, named 'PALETTE', and have CF_PALETTE index.  

See also
Active, AvailableFormats, ClipboardFiles and ClipboardText properties;  
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OnChange event.