buttonspanel OnApplySettings event
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Applies to
acButtonsPanel component.  

  TacApplySettingsEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; var Apply: Boolean) of object;  
property OnApplySettings: TacApplySettingsEvent;  

The OnApplySettings event occurs when user clicks the Apply or OK buttons, so the settings of the dialog box should be saved/applied.  
Write this event hander to save the changed settings of your dialog box and/or previously validate the dialog controls for correct input. If something incorrect — you can set Apply parameter to False, so the Apply button will not become disabled and dialog box will not be closed.  

See also
BtnOk, BtnCancel, BtnApply, BtnHelp and BtnCustom properties;  
OnAnyBtnClick, OnBtnOKClick, OnBtnCancelClick, OnBtnHelpClick, OnBtnApplyClick, OnBtnCustomClick, OnApplySettings and OnApplyEnabledChanged events.