buttonspanel CustomButtonPosition property
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Applies to
acButtonsPanel component.  

  TacCustomButtonPosition = (cbpAfterLast, cbpBeforeFirst, cbpOppositeEdge);  
property CustomButtonPosition: TacCustomButtonPosition;  

The CustomButtonPosition property controls the placement of the Custom button (button which performs some custom action) on the buttons panel.  
There is three possible positions for custom button:  
cbpAfterLastthe custom button must be the last in the set of buttons (i.e: right after Cancel or Help);  
cbpBeforeFirstthe custom button must be before OK button;  
cbpOppositeEdgethe custom button must be placed to an opposite to other buttons edge (opposite to edge specified in Alignment property, see screenshot below).  
If the Align is alHorizontal then custom button will appears from the left of OK button, in case if the Align is alVertical, the custom button will be displayed at the top side of the panel, before the buttons.  

See also
Align, Alignment and BtnCustom properties.