buttonspanel Align property
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Applies to
acButtonsPanel component.  

  TacButtonsPanelAlign = (alHorizontal, alVertical);  
property Align: TacButtonsPanelAlign;  

The Align property determines how the control aligns within its container (or parent control).  
There are to possible values for Align property of acButtonsPanel component: alHorizontal and alVertical.  
When the Align = alHorizontal, the panel with buttons are displayed at the bottom of dialog box. When Align is alVertical, the panel displayed at the right side and all its buttons placed vertically, each next under previous.  
tip If you wish to arrange the buttons inside the panel by left/bottom side, or align them by center of panel — use Alignment property instead.  
To change the size of buttons — modify the ButtonWidth and ButtonHeight properties. To control the spacing between buttons — use ButtonSpacing property.  

See also
Alignment, ButtonWidth, ButtonHeight, ButtonSpacing, MarginHorz and MarginVert properties.