autoupgrader VersionControl property
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Applies to
acAutoUpgrader component.  

  TacAutoUpgraderVersionControl = (byDate, byNumber);  
property VersionControl: TacAutoUpgraderVersionControl;  

The VersionControl property determines which property will used for version control — VersionDate (#date variable in the Info-file) or VersionNumber (#version variable in the Info-file).  
If VersionControl is byDate, then after reading the Info-file (from location specified in InfoFileURL), AutoUpgrader will compare #date variable of Info-file with value specified in VersionDate property. If VersionDate lower than date stated in #date variable, AutoUpgrader will think that newest version of your application already available on your Web site and will try to upgrade the software on user's PC. Value of the VersionNumber property will be ignored.  
If VersionControl is byNumber, then after reading the Info-file, AutoUpgrader will compare #number variable with value of VersionNumber property. If VersionNumber is not equal to #number variable, AutoUpgrader will try to upgrade your application on user's machine, guessing that newest release version available for download. VersionDate will be ignored.  

See also
VersionDate, VersionNumber and InfoFileURL properties.