autoupgrader OnNoUpdateAvailable event
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Applies to
acAutoUpgrader component.  

property OnNoUpdateAvailable: TNotifyEvent;  

The OnNoUpdateAvailable event occurs if no update avaliable for download (newer version not yet released).  
iiinfo The OnNoUpdateAvailable occurs if AutoUpgrader successfully downloaded some content from specified InfoFileURL (remote server returned status code 200 OK) but it appears that no update available (after comparision of the release date or version number (depending on value of VersionControl property) it ensures that current version is latest) or upgrade information was not found among downloaded data.  
tip If you wish to automatically display standard message which notify user that "there is no update available and he actually using most recent version", set mNoUpdateAvailable flag in ShowMessages property to True or, otherwise, set it to False to disable this message box.  

See also
InfoFileURL, VersionControl and ShowMessages properties;  
Info-file example; OnNoInfoFile event.