appstartcounter RegKey property
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Applies to
acAppStartCounter, acFormPlacementSaver components and acAppBar component as subproperty of RegistrySaver property.  

property RegKey: String;  

The RegKey property specifies the path to the registry key where you would like to store the Counter and InstallTime values. (The Counter will increased on each program startup, while InstallTime will be written upon first program start.)  
Default value for this property is 'Software\CompanyName\ProgramName\Default'. But of course it can be changed and pointed to whatever key you want, for example, to the location where you store the configuration of your software (i.e: '\Software\UtilMind Solutions\The Cool Program\Settings').  
tip You can clear these values from registry at any time, using ResetCounter at run-time, or right-clicking the component icon and selecting "Reset Counter" menu item at design-time.  

See also
RegLocation, Counter and InstallTime properties;  
ResetCounter method.