appglobalswitch RegistrySaver structure
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Applies to
acAppGlobalSwitch component.  

  TacAppGlobalSwitchRegistrySaver = class  
    procedure Load;  
    procedure Save;  
    property Enabled: Boolean;  
    property RegLocationTacRegLocation;  
    property RegKeyString;  

The RegistrySaver is the set of properties which lets the component to save the Value to the system registry when application closes, and restore it on application restart.  
To enable this feature, to save and load the Value property from the registry — set Enabled to True, and specify RegKey (registry key) and RegLocation (rlCurrentUser = HKEY_CURRENT_USER or rlLocalMachine = HKEY_LOCALMACHINE).  

See also
GlobalSwitch and Value properties;  
OnSwitch event.