appevents OnHelp event
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Applies to
acAppEvents component.  

  THelpEvent = function(Command: Word; Data: LongInt; var CallHelp: Boolean): Boolean of object;  
property OnHelp: THelpEvent;  

OnHelp occurs when the application receives a request for help. Use OnHelp to write an event handler to perform special processing when help is requested. The HelpContext and the HelpJump methods automatically trigger the OnHelp event.  
Set CallHelp to True to have the VCL call WinHelp after the event. Set CallHelp to False to prevent the VCL from calling WinHelp.  
All application help methods go through OnHelp. Only if OnHelp's CallHelp parameter returns True, or if OnHelp is not assigned, is WinHelp called.  
To find the possible values of the Command and Data parameters, search for WinHelp in the Win32 Developer's Reference Help (Win32.HLP) file, which explains the WinHelp API (application programming interface). The possible values for the Data parameter depend upon the value of the Command parameter.  
The return value is True if the function succeeds, False if the function fails.  

See also
OnHint event.