appcursors Client property
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Applies to
acAppCursors component.  

property Client: TCursor;  

Specifies the cursor image when the mouse pointer moves over client area of any control (form, button, panel and so on), if the control has default cursor image (crDefault).  

iiinfo The cursor image specified in the Client property appears only if the control are not contains own, custom cursor image for its client area (cursor specified in Client property appears over the control only if Cursor property of control is crDefault). In case If the control contains its own cursor image, the cursor specified in Client property will not be used.  
iiwarning The Client cursor works only for VCL objects, for controls written in Delphi. If you are using some ActiveX controls, or separate windows which contains the non-VCL controls — use ClientNonVCL property to change the cursor appearance.  

See also
ClientNonVCL property.