appbar Storage property
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Applies to
acAppBar component as subproperty of RegistrySaver structure.  

  TacAppBarStorageType = (useRegistry, useIniFile);  
property Storage: TacAppBarStorageType;  

The Storage property specifies where to store AppBar settings, in the system registry or in the INI file.  
·If Storage = useRegistry, all settings will be stored in the system registry. In this case you must point exact location where to store settings in the RegLocation and RegKey properties. You don't need to specify IniFileName and IniSection values. Leave them blank.  
·If Storage = useIniFile, settings will be stored in the INI file, specified in the IniFileName property. Section of the Ini-file where to store AppBar settings should be specified in the IniSection property. In this case you don't need to specify registry keys and you may leave RegKey and RegLocation properties blank.