appbar RestoreProperties property
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Applies to
acAppBar component as subproperty of RegistrySaver structure.  

  TacAppBarRestoreProperties = set of (rfAllowedEdges, rfFormSize, rfDocking, rfFloatRestrictions, rfSizing, rfSliding);  
property RestoreProperties: TacAppBarRestoreProperties;  

The RestoreProperties property of the RegistrySaver structure specifies which properties, saved after previous program execution, you would like to restore on every program startup.  

rfAllowedEdgesrestores value of AllowedEdges property when True;  
rfFormSizerestores the form Placement and size when True;  
rfDockingrestores Docking rules when True;  
rfFloatRestrictionsrestores FloatRestrictions;  
rfSizingrestores Sizing rules;  
rfSlidingrestures Sliding settings.  

See also
Options property.