appbar RegKey property
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Applies to
acAppStartCounter, acFormPlacementSaver components, and acAppBar / acListView components as subproperty of RegistrySaver structure.  

property RegKey: String;  

The RegKey property defines the path to the key in the system registry where you would like to store the AppBar settings (placement / restrictions etc). All stored settings will be updated every time when user move or close the form (dependently of Options)  
Default property value is '\Software\CompanyName\ProgramName\AppBar'. You should point the RegKey to location where stored the configuration settings of your own application. In example - '\Software\UtilMind Solutions\The Cool Program\AppBar Settings'.  

iiinfo This property will be used only if you use system registry as storage (Storage = useRegistry).  

See also
RegLocation property.