appbar RegistrySaver structure
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Applies to
acAppBar, acListView and acHostnameResolver components.  

  TacAppBarRegistrySaver = class  
    procedure Load;  
    procedure Save;  
    property Enabled: Boolean;  
    property StorageTacAppBarStorageType;  
    property RegLocationTacRegLocation;  
    property RegKeyString;  
    property IniFileNameString;  
    property IniSectionString  
    property RestorePropertiesTacAppBarRestoreProperties;  
    property Options: TacAppBarRegOptions;  

The acAppBar component able to automatically save all settings (placement, autohide mode, topmost mode, docking/sizing rules etc) on closing the AppBar and restore them again on next program startup. For this purpose used RegistrySaver structure which, disite the name, can store AppBar settings either in the system registry or .INI file.  

How to use ?
To make settings restored on every program startup — set Enabled to True.  
To specify where to store the settings (in the system registry or in INI file) — use Storage property.  
·If Storage = useRegistry, all settings will be stored in the system registry. In this case you must point exact location where to store settings in the RegLocation and RegKey properties. You don't need to specify IniFileName and IniSection values. Leave them blank.  
·If Storage = useIniFile, settings will be stored in the INI file, specified in the IniFileName property. Section of the Ini-file where to store AppBar settings should be specified in the IniSection property. In this case you don't need to specify registry keys and you may leave RegKey and RegLocation properties blank.  
To specify which settings should be restored on every startup — use RestoreProperties property.  
By default the RegistrySaver update stored properties when the AppBar is about to be closed. If you would like to update saved settings after every movement or resizing — make saveOnMoveResize = True in the Options property.