appbar Placement property
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Applies to
acAppBar component.  

  TacAppBarPlacement = (bpLeft, bpTop, bpRight, bpBottom, bpFloat);  
property Placement: TacAppBarPlacement;  

The Placement property controls current placement of the AppBar on screen. When Placement is bpLeft, bpRight, bpTop or bpBottom, the AppBar is anchored to according screen edge. Placement = bpFloat means that form in currently undoked, normal "floating state".  
When the AppBars in floating state, they are looks and feels like usual forms. They may have title bar, system menu and caption buttons. However, when the AppBars became docked, it lose all controls in non-client area and shifts all other application windows from screen edge giving enough space for the Application Toolbar (unless "autohideable" appbars with AutoHide = True).  
User can change placement of the AppBar moving the form on screen with mouse, or you can modify it programatically at run-time, changing value of the Placement property.  
tip After changing the Placement, previous property value will be assigned to LastDockingPlace property. Previous placement always saved for further restoring it on doubleclick.  

See also
AutoHide, AlwaysOnTop and LastDockingPlace properties.  
OnDblClick event.