appbar Frequently Asked Questions
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Answers to some questions which we receiving rather often

Q.When user doubleclicks the form, the AppBar will restore previous placement [LastDockingPlace property]. Is there a way to avoid re-positioning of the AppBar ?  
A.To disallow restoring of previous placement on doubleclick, just hook OnDblClick event.  

Q.I have docked the AppBar to the left border of screen on program startup but the form appears with the same width as in "floating" state!  
A.Seems that your form contains a lot of non-resizeable (not aligned) controls and should have enough space to show them, however can not auto-scroll for displaying. Just set "AutoScroll" property of your form to True.  

Q.I have docked the form to the screen edge, but seems I can not resize it. Your demo programs allows to resize docked appbars. I have also checked Enabled property of Sizing structure and it's True. What I doing wrong?  
A.Sure, you can not resize forms with fixed BorderStyle (i.e.: bsDialog or bsSingle). Just make your form resizeable, set BorderStyle property to bsSizeable or bsSizeToolWin.  

Q.Is there a way to delay the popup when anchored to the edge of the screen [when the AppBar is "autohidden"]? (I've had a couple users complain that they moved their mouse to fast when trying to get to a desktop icon or somewhere else and went to far and caused the appbar to pop out even though they quickly moved it away)  
A.Yes. You should hook OnUnhiding event and unhide the AppBar with delay (delay can be implemented with TTimer component), using ShowHiddenAppBar method. Please check out an example for more details.  

Q.I have a form with AppBar on it. There is a panel on the form. This hides part of the form. When I try to drag the form to dock it to the side of the screen or to undock it obviously now it doesn't work. Could you suggest a way in which I could fire the event which docks, undocks and moves the form when the user clicks or tries to drag the panel component.  
A.In AppControls v2.2.1 we have added bonus component, TacDragPanel. You can drop this panel to the AppBar and user will be able to move and dock the appbar dragging this panel.