appbar AutoHide property
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Applies to
acAppBar component.  

property AutoHide: Boolean;  

The AutoHide property controls whether the AppBar can be hidden (reduced to edge of screen) when your program deactivates and mouse pointer moves outside of the AppBar form. The "autohidden" AppBar can be redisplayed when mouse point to the thin line at the screen edge.  
iiinfo When you set the AutoHide to True, make sure that the AlwaysOnTop are also True. If AutoHide is True but AlwaysOnTop is False, the AppBar will pop out below the others windows and will "sinks" behind them.  

iiwarning If you will try to dock the AppBar to the edge of screen with other, already anchored "autohidden" AppBar, component will be unable to hide. In this case AutoHide property value became False and the OnUnableToAutoHide event occurs.  

See also

AlwaysOnTop and DontSlideOnTaskBarWhenAutoHide properties;  
OnUnableToAutoHide, OnHiding and OnUnhiding events.