Advanced GDI routines
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procedure acMakeTranslucentWindow(Wnd: THandle; Color: TColor; TransparencyRate: Byte; UseColor: Boolean);  
procedure acMakeOpaqueWindow(Wnd: THandle);  
procedure acAnimateWindow(Form: TForm; Time: Word; AnimationType: TacWin2kAnimationFlags);  
procedure acFlashWindow(Wnd: THandle; Count: Integer; FlashTaskIcon: Boolean);  
{ exported from user32.dll }  
function AnimateWindow(hWnd: HWND; dwTime: DWORD; dwFlags: DWORD): BOOL;  
function FlashWindowEx(fwi: FLASHWINFO): BOOL;  
function SetLayeredWindowAttributes(hWnd: hWnd; crKey: COLORREF; bAlpha: Byte; dwFlags: LongInt): LongInt;  

Some advanced GDI routines which works on Windows 98 and higher.  
Procedures with "ac" prefix is enchancements of GDI routines exported from user32.dll. For example, acAnimateWindow does same as AnimateWindow, plus refreshes all controls on the form.  
acMakeTranslucentWindow set up the WS_EX_LAYERED attribute to the form style before making the window translucent (using SetLayeredWindowAttributes API). acMakeOpaqueWindow clears the layered attributes from the form.  

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