Additional Cursors
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The "AppControls pack" installs an additional cursors to the Delphi / C++ Builder IDE, together with components. You can see these new cursors in the Object Inspector, selecting any property with TCursor type.  
TCursor is an index into the global list of available cursors maintained by the Screen variable. TCursor values can include indexes to custom cursors added by an application, in addition to the predefined constants defined in the controls unit. The following table lists the additional cursor constants and their position in the Cursors property array:  

New Cursors
Constant Value Image    
crLinkSelect-151   crlinkselect  
crHandwriting-152   crhandwriting  
cr3dAppStart-153   cr3dappstart  
cr3dArrow-154   cr3darrow  
cr3dArrowNE-155   cr3darrowne  
cr3dArrowScrollHorz-156   cr3darrowscrollhorz  
cr3dArrowScrollVert-157   cr3darrowscrollvert  
cr3dArrowSize-158   cr3darrowsize  
cr3dArrowResize-159   cr3darrowresize  
cr3dArrowWarning-160   cr3darrowwarning  
cr3dCross-161   cr3dcross  
cr3dDragSelection-162   cr3ddragselection  
cr3dDragSelectionPlus-163   cr3ddragselectionplus  
cr3dHandwriting-164   cr3dhandwriting  
cr3dHelp-165   cr3dhelp  
cr3dHourGlass-166   cr3dhourglass  
cr3dIBeam-167   cr3dibeam  
cr3dNo-168   cr3dno  
cr3dSize-169   cr3dsize  
cr3dSizeNESW-170   cr3dsizenesw  
cr3dSizeNS-171   cr3dsizens  
cr3dSizeNWSE-172   cr3dsizenwse  
cr3dSizeWE-173   cr3dsizewe  
cr3dTool-174   cr3dtool  
cr3dUpArrow-175   cr3duparrow  
crArrowNE-176   crarrowne  
crArrowNW-177   crarrownw  
crArrowScrollHorz-178   crarrowscrollhorz  
crArrowScrollVert-179   crarrowscrollvert  
crArrowSE-180   crarrowse  
crArrowSize-181   crarrowsize  
crArrowResize-182   crarrowresize  
crArrowSW-183   crarrowsw  
crDragFile-184   crdragfile  
crDragFiles-185   crdragfiles  
crDragSelection-186   crdragselection  
crDragSelectionPlus-187   crdragselectionplus  
crHand-188   crhand  
crItBeam-189   critbeam  
crPen-190   crpen  
crTool-191   crtool  
crZoomIn-192   crzoomin  
crZoomOut-193   crzoomout  

iiinfo If you would like to use these cursors in your application, make sure that acGraphics module listed in the units section of your program.  

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