Additional Colors
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The "AppControls pack" installs an additional colors to the Delphi / C++ Builder IDE, together with components. You can see these new colors in the Object Inspector, selecting any property with TColor type.  
TColor is used to specify the color of an object. It is used by the Color property of many components and by a number of other properties that specify color values. The acGraphics unit contains definitions of useful additional constants for TColor.  
If you specify TColor as a specific 4-byte hexadecimal number instead of using the constants defined in the acGraphics unit, the low three bytes represent RGB color intensities for blue, green, and red, respectively. The value $00FF0000 represents full-intensity, pure blue, $0000FF00 is pure green, and $000000FF is pure red. $00000000 is black and $00FFFFFF is white.  

New system colors
Constant Value Sample  
clHotLight       COLOR_HOTLIGHT or $80000000         clhotlight  
clGradientActiveCaption COLOR_GRADIENTACTIVECAPTION or $80000000   clgradientactivecaption  
clGradientInactiveCaption COLOR_GRADIENTINACTIVECAPTION or $80000000   clgradientinactivecaption  

tip Color samples listed above may differ to real colors on your machine. Theay're always equal to system colors settings on user's PC.  

New custom colors
Contstant Value Sample  
clContextHelp$EEFFFF   clcontexthelp  
clBrown$003090   clbrown  
clOliveGreen$003030   clolivegreen  
clDarkGreen$003000   cldarkgreen  
clDarkTeal$603000   cltealgreen  
clIndigo$903030   clindigo  
clNight$303030   clnight  
clOrange$0068FF   clorange  
clBlueGray$906060   clbluegray  
clLightOrange$0098FF   cllightorange  
clSeaGreen$609830   clseagreen  
clLightBlue$FF6830   cllightblue  
clMetal$909090   clmetal  
clGold$00C8FF   clgold  
clSkyBlue$FFC800   clskyblue  
clPlum$603090   clplum  
clRose$D098FF   clrose  
clTan$A0C8FF   cltan  
clLightYellow$90FFFF   cllightyellow  
clLightGreen$D0FFD0   cllightgreen  
clLightTurquoise$FFFFC0   cllightturquoise  
clPaleBlue$FFC890   clpaleblue  
clLavender$FF98C0   cllavender  
clCream$A6CAF0   clcream  
clMoneyGreen$C0DCC0   clmoneygreen  

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