acFlashWindow procedure
Advanced GDI routines
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procedure acFlashWindow(Wnd: THandle; Count: Integer; FlashTaskIcon: Boolean; StopOnActivate: Boolean [= False]);  

The acFlashWindow procedure flashes the caption of specified window and the application taskbar icon, if FlashTaskIcon parameter is True. Number of times to flash the window specifyed in the Count parameter. Set StopOnActivate parameter to True if you wish to flash the caption and task icon of current form, until the window comes to the foreground.  
tip Typically, you flash a window to inform the user that the window requires attention but does not currently have the keyboard focus. When a window flashes, it appears to change from inactive to active status. An inactive caption bar changes to an active caption bar; an active caption bar changes to an inactive caption bar.  

// this will flash the window 4 times  
acFlashWindow(Handle, 4, True);  
// flash continuously, until the window comes to foreground  
acFlashWindow(Handle, MaxInt, True, True);  

Windows NT/2000: Requires Windows 2000 or later.  
Windows 95/98: Requires Windows 98 or later.  
tip If you call this function on Win95/NT4 — nothing happends.  

See also
acWin2kEffects component and FlashWindowEx function.